All About Chimney Tuckpointing

Many homeowners take it on themselves to tacking their home repairs. Performing small repairs such as cleaning clogged gutters or repainting a particular area may prove to be simple enough. However, there are certain repairs that should be left to be tackled by experienced professionals only for example. One such repair work, for which calling experts should be your top priority is Chimney brick repairs or tuckpointing. This article will serve as your one-stop guide to chimney tuckpointing.

chimney tuckpointing

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Benefits of Chimney Tuckpointing

It is important to opt for chimney tuckpointing services by professionals as it will help to preserve its life. Some of the major benefits of chimney tuckpointing services include:

  • It restricts water to enter the chimney system. If water manages to make its way to the chimney, it may result in the creation of moisture, which poses some great risks to the overall chimney system. Numerous issues can crop up because of moisture such as wood rotting, mold, and mildew. Furthermore, wallpaper and ceiling around the chimney can also get stained due to the presence of moisture.
  • It stops the corrosion of the mortar joints
  • It helps to stabilize the structure of chimney by repairing mortar joints. If these joints aren’t repaired on a timely basis, your chimney structure will start to deteriorate and as a result, it may collapse.

Signs that Show it is time to call Chimney Tuckpointing Services

Homeowners, for the enhanced life span of their chimneys, need to focus on certain signs that may show it is the right time to call experts for chimney tuckpointing services. These signs include:

Worn Bricks: If bricks of the chimney are visibly becoming worn out, it is the right time to call in chimney tuckpointing services.

Crumbling Mortar: Extreme weather conditions can damage mortar. Furthermore, it gradually loses its support with the passage of time. Therefore, if you are noticing crumbling mortars, contact a chimney tuckpointing expert at your earliest.

Rust on the Damper: If there is a rusted damper, it is a clear sign that moisture has started to build up. As discussed above, moisture can cause numerous damages to your chimney; therefore, it is advised to seek expert help to eliminate this issue.

Loose or Stained Paint: Sometimes, you may start to notice strained paint or discoloration. This is due to water damage due to interior leaks or moisture. Expert chimney tuckpointing service providers can assist you to know the real reason behind this and suggest the appropriate method to tackle it.

It is strongly advised to call experts as soon you as encounter any such sign in your home. Ignoring these signs may lead to several other severe issues. Chimney may completely collapse if you are letting the mortar to get deteriorated. As a result, you will have to incur complete chimney build-up cost, which is far greater than expenses you will have pay for hiring the services of chimney tuckpointing.