What is Chimney Tuckpointing and Why Is It Important?

When it comes to looking for a new home many people consider a fireplace a must have when it comes to finding the right house for them. The idea of having a roaring fire to sit in front of on a cold, winter evening is so appealing.

chimney tuckpointing

However, having a fireplace and associated chimney you will have to be ready to do some maintenance to keep the outside looking good.

There is a unique process that is used to do any necessary repairs to the masonry on the exterior of the chimney. This process is known as Chimney Tuckpointing and it is extremely important that you follow the process if you have a chimney. According to Early Times Chimney Sweeps based near Chicago, IL, chimney maintenance such as cleaning and tuckpointing should be left to professionals and homeowners should schedule annual service calls to keep their chimneys well-kept.

What is Chimney Tuckpointing?

Moisture is the biggest threat to any masonry chimney and over time it will break down the mortar between the bricks. This loosening of the mortar and weakening of the bricks will dramatically reduce the lifespan of the chimney.

There is a special process that is used to repair the masonry in order to prevent further damage. This process is called Chimney Tuckpointing and when completed it will restore the beauty and functionality of the chimney.

The four-step process of Tuckpointing is fairly time-consuming and should be done in strict accordance with the following steps:

Step #1

Prepare the area to be repaired by grinding down remaining mortar to a uniform depth.

Step #2

Fill in areas between the bricks with a special red mortar.

Step #3

Create thin grooves down the center of the red mortar.

Step #4

To complete the process the red mortar is to be covered completely by a normal mortar material of the same color as the rest of the house.

6 Important Reasons For Doing Tuckpointing

Keeping the brick and mortar in good condition on your chimney is crucial to your home’s safety and your fireplace’s performance. We’ll go over the 6 most important reasons below.

#1 Stops further damage to the brick exterior of the chimney

Puts an end to the damage caused by the deteriorating mortar.

#2 Restores the overall structural stability of the chimney

By restoring the structural integrity of exterior brick and prevent a total collapse of the chimney.

#3 Prevents any future water from penetrating the chimney

The sealing of the mortar between the bricks prevents any future water from getting in and damaging the chimney.

#4 Much more cost-effective than having to completely rebuild the chimney

Doing minor restorative repairs is far cheaper than it would cost to tear down the chimney and completely rebuild it.

#5 The Tuckpointing process is designed to restore the brick to its original condition

Once the Tuckpointing process is complete it will be difficult to tell that the work was even done.

#6 The upkeep of the masonry of the chimney helps to maintain the home value

Failing to upkeep the exterior of the chimney it could easily reduce the value of your home.

It is extremely important that as the owner of a home with a fireplace that you pay close attention to the brick of the chimney. If you do not have any issues with the mortar taken care of it could lead to extensive and costly repairs.